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Dr. Philip Bedros

Dr. Philip Bedros is a veterinarian in Concord. His professional interests include surgery, internal medicine, and dermatology. 

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Dr. Philip Bedros, Concord Veterinarian

Dr. Bedros, DVM

Dr. Bedros grew up in Egypt and graduated with his degree in Veterinary Science and Surgery from the University of Cairo, Egypt in 1968. He immigrated with his wife and first son to California in 1981 and has worked at All Bay Animal Hospital since 1991. Prior to immigrating, Dr. Bedros spent 5 years in the Egyptian Military Service as a surgery room assistant and in the pharmacy. He also has obtained diplomas in both infertility and artificial insemination. Although originally trained as a large animal veterinarian, Dr. Bedros has enjoyed the past 22+ years working with dogs, cats, and other small animal pets.

Dr. Bedros spends the majority of his free time with his family that consists of his wife Magda, sons Samuel, David, and Peter, and David’s wife Rachel. Dr. Bedros enjoys time spent with his church, and activities around the house. He enjoys gardening, ping-pong, and watching TV. Basketball, tennis, American Idol, and I Love Lucy are some of his favorites.

Dr. Bedros is active in the local Concord Bible Church. He is a talented piano player and sings solos at his church services.

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